EM+S & NCK Partnership Engineering Consultant ( EM+SNCK)


Our Story EM+S & NCK

EM+S Engineering Consultant was founded by Mehdi Esmaeili and Ehab Al-Wishy whose main passion is developing innovative yet cost-effective architectural and structural systems for buildings of all shapes and sizes. A professional establishment that offers a full spectrum of engineering and architectural solutions and provides a wide array of professional services. In the begging, EM+S founders start collaboration and joint venture with SAZAN Inc in the USA and Canada which still this framework partnership is part of EM+S’ soul. On 2022, EM+S and NCK from Canada ( Montreal and Toronto) started a partnership joint venture as a branch of NCK in the UAE. NCK is a top leader in the structural firm in Canada with prestigious and famous design-listed projects. EM+S has ALSHUROOQ Engineering Consultant as a sister company with an unlimited license since 1998 in UAE. 

1964 NCK Established

Founded in 1964 by R. R. Nicolet, the firm now known as NCK Inc., took off after the completion of Phase 1 of the cruciform building of the Place Ville Marie Complex (1958–1962), a major project carried out in collaboration with architect I. M. Pei, who helped reorient the development of downtown Montréal. To this day, PVM remains the heart of downtown and the focal point of underground Montréal.

1998 Alshurooq Established

Ehab El Wishy founded ALSHUROOQ in 1998. For more than a past decade now, ALSHUROOQ Architecture & Engineering Consultants, a Dubai-based professional and industry leader, has been demonstrating outstanding capabilities and impressive performance stimulated by a hybrid of world-class architects, interior designers, consultants, and supporting staff accumulating a legacy of high standards, economic responsibility, and solid management

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2021 EM+S Established

In 2021, Mehdi Esmaeili one of the most talented and reputable chartered structural engineer in UAE started a partnership with Ehab El Wishy and Established EM+S at Meydan Freezone. In collaboration with SAZAN Inc in the USA, EM+S Engineering Consultant LLC FZ Started the high-level performance delivery in consultancy services.

2022 EM+S & NCK Partnership Started

By August 2022, EM+S and NCK made a partnership joint venture. 

CFT Structural

CN Tower

By NCK ( Jamil Mardukhi)